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“Wash Me” Writings on a Car
Anyone can tell, that someone writing "Wash Me" on your dusty car's surface means just that - it is really dirty and needs some water therapy. But even if your car hasn’t reached that stage of dirty yet, a meticulous cleaning of the inside and...

10 Trucuri pentru curatarea interiorului
10 ponturi pentru curăţarea interioruluiInteriorul este unul dintre cele mai importante elemente ale unui automobil.

Spalarea manuala a autoturismului
Cum sa itispelisi sa itiusucimasinaintr-un mod eficient:Sa incepemprinprezentareaunorprocedurieficiente care trebuiesavarsiteinainte de spalarea propriu-zisa a masinii. In primul rand, gasesteunloc in care sa lucrezi, care sa contina umbra din plin. Soarelebatand in apadejacalda cu sapunpoatecauzapete in vopsea.

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So, here are all the essential steps, taking which will guarantee a fresh and a spruced up look for your vehicle: 1 Make sure that before you start, that car is not exposed to any direct sunlight. This will cut the premature drying short which can make car’s paint cover with splotches. 2 Do a …

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